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Are you looking for a comprehensive insight into dentures or dental implants for a beautiful smile? If so, Book your free consultation. We specialize in providing full-mouth restoration solutions.

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Custom Smile Dentures

(Cost per arch starting
at just $2,499)

  • Best in aesthetics, custom made to fit the smile line, and free repair or reline for 1 year.
  • Average time from start to finish: 1 to 3 days.
  • Materials Used: Composite Base and Premium Composite or Porcelain Teeth.
  • Advantage: Ultimate in comfort and features.
  • 100 days warranty on any craftsmanship and no costs on any adjustments and reline within 1st year.
Custom Smile

Implant Supported Premium Dentures

(Cost per arch starting
at just $14,999)

The traditional image of dentures that conjures up in one’s mind is that of the ill-fitting false teeth traditionally used by grandmas, which were placed in a glass of water beside their beds. However, the technology has advanced significantly and now dentures can be secured by implants, providing a more permanent and secure solution. These innovative implant-supported dentures are specifically designed to provide superior stability and comfort during speaking and eating. This allows for a much more natural experience.


Implant Supported Premium Dentures


When you decide to make the investment in implant-supported dentures, you will find that your life is much easier and free of the worries that come with traditional dentures. These secure, comfortable, and natural-feeling dental prosthetics won’t slip out of place like traditional dentures can, and they won’t cause irritation to your gums or gum and bone damage like traditional dentures sometimes do.
Discover if you qualify for implant-supported dentures today! Be sure to check it out and take that first step towards a more confident, healthy smile.


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Discover why Diamond District Dental is the go-to destination for people seeking dentures and dental implants in NYC. Our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced dentists, and warm staff make us a top choice for quality and personalized care.

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Meet our expert DENTIST

With a brand new, state-of-the-art office in Midtown Manhattan, equipped with the most advanced technology such as 3D CBCT Imaging, CAD/CAM Smile Design with Computerized Bite Analysis, Dr. Oleg Klempner, with his 30 years of real world patient care experience, is effectively fulfilling his passion to bring the very best in delivering the best quality care for his patients.

Dr. Klempner has extensive training in implant dentistry and clear aligner orthodontics. He continues to lead with his expertise in oral health care, offering the very best service for his patients. His modern approach to dentistry has transformed so many lives very successfully. His work created excellent results proven by thousands of happy patients and over four hundred 5-star reviews on Google. 

He has been featured as a dental expert on Pix 11’s Dr. Steve Show, and The Donna Drake Show. Expect the very best, when it comes to Dr. Oleg Klempner.  

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What our PATIENTS Are Saying

Patients are consistently sharing overwhelmingly positive feedback about their experiences with us. Many have mentioned that our professional and knowledgeable staff were of tremendous help in their recovery journey.

Carly Horvath


I am a long time client of Nelli (since around 2007) and came in this morning for a routine cleaning. She listened to all of my concerns, was very gentle and before I knew it, I was finished. They have a lot of new technology that can pinpoint any issues there might be. Overall, it was a great visit. It was great catching up with her and the rest of the staff..

Allen Johnson


Front desk staff is exceptionally friendly and amazing. The Dental Hygienist, Nelli, is personable and excellent at her job. I’ve been going to Nelli for over 15 years. The Dentist is friendly, skilled, and very current on the latest dental technology.

Nancy Hu


Very technologically sophisticated office. Knowledgeable and confident dentist. The team fixed my filling in a matter of minutes using a laser and scans that were taken efficiently. The whole process was quick and painless. Also, have been going to Nelli for years and she does a great job with the cleanings.

Did you know our consultations are cOMPLIMENTARY & CONFIDENTIAL ?

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