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best dentist in new york city
Sabrina was informative and helped me better understand what was causing my teeth to grind.
Caroline B.
Submitted 06/15/19
I have been a patient of Dr Klempner for a long time and I will definitely. He takes care of me and relax me well and always make some time to explain what to be done. And his works are outstanding and excellent!! His staff are great as well and I feel like I am visiting my friend house. I strongly recommend Dr Klempner and his team.
Yoshinori N.
Submitted 05/10/19
Great and friendly staff.
Giusseppe F.
Submitted 05/02/19
Fantastic. They gave me an appointment right away. Great dentist!
Jodi G.
Submitted 05/01/19
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Klemptner for the past 22 and years and he is a true talent and the work he has done on two bridges 20 years ago and and they lasted for over 20 years He is a genius! He is a rear find He really cares about his patients and the work he is doing. He is the best!
Igor B.
Submitted 04/24/19
Great experience
Jessica W.
Submitted 03/12/19
Very accommodating. Always a great time.
Brian S.
Submitted 03/04/19
Dr. Klempner and the team (including Karen, Ron and Sabrina) did amazing all-around work-- from cleaning/whitening, root canal to the cosmetic improvements. I am very satisfied with the process, execution and results. Thanks again!
Jason Q.
Submitted 02/20/19
Dr. Jane and her entire team was amazing. They were very attentive and thorough. I have no complaints and highly recommend this office.
John L.
Submitted 01/10/19
Sabrina did an amazing job! She was professional and very considerate of the patient (Me!). I have been coming to Dr. Klempner's office for years and would definitely recommend. Thank you!
Debbie E.
Submitted 01/10/19
Best service Quality treatment
Santosh K.
Submitted 08/24/18
Excellent work. Dr. Jane is great. I got my crown in one sitting with high tech 3D printing. Very impressive.
Bruce D.
Submitted 08/02/18
Did a few fillings and Dr. Jane made me feel so comfortable.
Shanese C.
Submitted 06/13/18
Dr. Klemper is always gentle and attentive. He puts me at ease because of his confidence and knowledge. And he knows how to crack a joke or two!
Sharda C.
Submitted 06/03/18
Painless extensive work done. Dr. Klempner was very concerned with my comfort and it was a very good experience.
Melissa M.
Submitted 05/22/18
As always a great experience and caring staff!
Tara G.
Submitted 05/22/18
She is wonderful!
Jodi G.
Submitted 04/20/18
Dr. Jane is precise in her work and has a wonderful bedside manner. She takes the time to make sure everything is placed correctly and that you're comfortable, there is absolutely no rushing. She seems to really care both about the quality of her work and about providing a high standard of care for her patients. Given the level of attention to detail and care she's provided, I would continue as a patient either way, but it's a huge bonus that she's also really kind.
Karolina J.
Submitted 04/17/18
Dr. Klempner has taken care of me the last two years. I currently going through the Invisalign process with him. I appreciate Dr. Klempner as his recommendations seem sincere and he is interested in my benefit. The staff is also extremely helpful. Sabrina and Michelle have gone out of their way to deal with insurance companies when I switched employers in between the Invisalign process, and are also very friendly. Sabrina also brought me coffee one day!!!
Jairo A.
Submitted 03/22/18
Brian W.
Submitted 03/15/18

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