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Virtual Care

Our process has changed, but our care for you hasn’t.

For your health and safety, your care can now start with a virtual consultation. If you have a dental issue, just pick up the phone and a trusted member of the Diamond District Dental will help bring a doctor to you.

Here's how it works:

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Pick up the phone.

If you have an issue, call and have a no-cost conversation with a Virtual Care consultant. They will determine if a virtual appointment with a doctor is necessary.

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Talk to a doctor.

If you require care, an Aspen Dental doctor will assess your need with the same expertise you get during an office visit. They can help you on the spot or direct you to your nearest practice.

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Prep for your visit.

If you need to visit an office, we’re taking proactive steps to protect you. Our office Promise includes everything from general dentistry to oral surgery. (COSMETIC DEEP CLEANINGS Invisalign PEDIATRIC SERVICES )

Virtual Care from anywhere.

Connect with a doctor from Diamond District Dental right from your home, and if you need to
go to an office, they can guide you to one.
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During the last three months, we still took care of our patients in need of emergency treatments and continued to be available by hosting online consults.

Being able to stay connected, even in a virtual way, was critical to managing the fear and anxiety of a dental dilemma. It worked so well that virtual consults are here to stay! If you are ever in need to consult with me, I’m just a click away.

The number one emergency in our office during the pandemic was a cracked tooth. Tons of stress combined with underlying conditions like a soft area of decay or a misaligned bite created that perfect storm for a broken tooth. Talk about bad timing. Some were lucky enough to have their teeth reconstructed; however, others ended up having to extract them. Our in-house General Specialist Dr. Oleg Klempner has sad stories to tell of teeth he could not save because people did not choose to do “elective” treatments that would have prevented a future emergency.

For many patients, we were luckily able to continue with our Invisalign treatments as I shipped out aligners directly to patients. The best part was that I became friends with the people at my local post office. I learned how hard it was for them to be essential workers during Covid-19. Every day that I went, I gave each of the little bottles of hand sanitizer as a token of my appreciation. You’ll find these in your goody bags when you visit!

I wanted to share a few things that we have implemented in our office for everyone’s safety and notify you of some housekeeping items that we will need prior to your next visit:

1. We have upgraded our infection control procedures.

a. Your safety has always been our number one priority and continues to be. We have always maintained strict infection control protocols. Even before the pandemic, our hospital-grade sterilization equipment was tested more frequently than required. We’ve added a few more steps like extra PPE, UV-C sterilizers, and hypochlorous acid foggers.

b. On arrival, a team member will greet you with hand sanitizer and check your temperature and oxygen level. In your treatment room, we will offer to sterilize your personal belongings in front of you while you rinse with a peroxide-based product. As usual, treatment rooms are always sterilized between patients to avoid any cross-contamination.

2. Please fill out your Wellness

Questionnaire prior to your appointment.
This helps us to avoid unnecessary physical contact between you and our front desk staff and helps us minimize the number of patients in the waiting area.

3. Please wear a mask.

Our building requires a mask for entry and only 2 people are allowed per elevator.
We have just completed our soft re-opening. We are excited and ready to get everyone’s oral health back on track. You won’t be able to see our smiles under our layers of PPE but know that we are definitely happy to see you!

Stealth Teeth Straightening with


A straight smile has never been easier to enjoy. Clear plastic trays, known as aligners, can work the magic of braces without the shine of metal. Combined with sophisticated 3D software, this technology brings a new smile within reach for most adults and mature teens. Your teeth are as individual as you are, but you are no longer stuck with the one-solution-fits-all traditional braces.


More choices than ever exist for many procedures in dentistry allowing for highly customized care for your situation and needs. Our doctor can help you discover your path to a straighter smile using Invisalign®.

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