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It can be difficult to imagine the end result of the wide variety of cosmetic treatments offered at Diamond District Dental NYC. To see how these have transformed our clients’ smiles, browse our ‘Before & After’ Galleries. There you can see the complete transformation of our plenty of satisfied clients.

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Smile Makeover Procedure

If you are interested in having a smile makeover it can be a good idea to take an objective look at the appearance of your teeth. Decide which aspects you would most like to change and the type of results you’d like to achieve. For example, perhaps you have a large gap in between your front teeth that you’d prefer to close up or perhaps some of your teeth are out of alignment. Once you have decided how you’d like to change your smile, it’s worth booking an appointment with our cosmetic dentist.

What Type Of Treatments Can Be Used In A Smile Makeover?

There are numerous different procedures that can be used in a smile makeover. Some are quite straightforward, for example veneers, tooth bonding and tooth whitening treatments will often form part of a smile makeover. Others such as crowns, bridges and dental implants may be used when reconstructive dentistry is required.

Finding Out More About Smile Makeovers

Our experienced cosmetic dentist will need to examine your teeth to make sure they are strong and healthy and that you do not have any signs of untreated dental diseases. If you do have any dental problems these may require treatment before you begin your smile makeover.

Making sure your teeth are healthy is always our top priority and will ensure that the results of your smile makeover last as long as possible. After the examination, you’ll be provided with a treatment plan showing details of treatments we think could help you and their cost.

We can explain exactly how each treatment may be used and the type of results you can reasonably hope to achieve. We’ll also discuss how long it will take to complete your smile makeover. If you only have a limited amount of time or have a particular budget in mind then please let us know so we devise a treatment plan to suit you.

We often find people plan smile makeovers in preparation for a special event and if this is the case then we recommend allowing as long as possible for treatment to be completed.

Every Smile Makeover Is Custom-Designed

Everybody is unique and this applies to your smile. For this reason each smile makeover is carefully planned to take into account not only your aims and desires, but also your facial features, your skin tone and even your personality. This attention to detail helps ensure you get results that complement your appearance.

How Long Does A Smile Makeover Last?

This does depend on the treatments used for your smile makeover. Some procedures such as tooth whitening and dental bonding will last for several years while porcelain veneers and crowns and bridges should last for 10 years or more.

Treatments such as dental implants can last an extremely long time. The longevity of your smile makeover can be prolonged with good professional dental care in the form of regular checkups and cleanings as well as good oral care at home.

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